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Dining furniture

The range of dining furniture available to householders in the UK is simply staggering, and with a little effort are you will be able to find the perfect dining furniture suite to complement your home, wherever your personal tastes lie. Whether you opt for sleek contemporary dining furniture in steel and glass, or whether you prefer the warm traditional look of a wooden dining suite, your dream dining furniture is waiting for you.

Flat pack dining furniture is an ideal option for those who don't mind getting their hands dirty, as this furniture needs to be assembled in the home. In recent years the popularity of flat-pack dining furniture in the UK has skyrocketed due to the ease with which these furniture sets can be transported, making it possible to fit a whole suite of furniture in the boot of a car. Swedish giant IKEA is undoubtedly the king of flat-pack furniture in Europe, but a discerning shopper can also pick up value for money flat-pack dining furniture from firms such as Argos, Focus DIY (, or Easy Furniture. IKEA even has a range of foldable "small space dining" furniture, for those whose inner-city apartments leave them with a little less room to entertain than most.

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For those traditionalists who don't mind having their furniture delivered the old-fashioned way - in a lorry by two strapping blokes - there is a wealth of beautiful dining furniture available to suit any home. Choose from beautiful wood finished furniture, such as the Nyon walnut dining room set available from Furniture 123 or the Winchester set in solid oak from Furniture Today. For a more modern look, how about the sleek Team7 range at Wharfside, or the stylish Venetian set from Furniture Reflections, which is handmade from steel in Devonshire. For something truly luxurious, Furniture Village is even offering a dining table made of solid marble.

There is also a wide range of environmentally friendly dining furniture available for the eco-conscious householder. Firms like eco-friendly furniture and Arbor Vetum craft beautiful furnishings out of reclaimed or recycled oak, pine and teak timber, producing attractive and unique furniture pieces without the need to cut down any more trees.

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